DC Newman

Edgy, Cool, Real Voice Over Actor

More than a catchy tagline.

Choosing the “right” voice over talent for your commercial spots is one of the most important parts of your voice over project.

Commercial voice over: a wide range of styles

Commercial voice over is the main type of work that comes to mind when you think of “voice over.” A professional male voice over talent can be:

  • The bold voice on the radio
  • The soothing description on the TV of the next new gadget that everyone is scrambling for
  • The thrills of the booming movie trailer guy
  • The over-caffeinated excitement of the late-night infomercials 

Let’s take a step back and think about the last commercial voice over talent that really caught your ear and grabbed your attention. That is an example of how powerful the right voice can be. You have an exceedingly small slice of time to engage and excite your audience these days. You have got to cut through the noise of life and get their attention quickly.

My job when recording your commercial voice over is to forge a connection with your customers using my voice. I show them how your product or service is really the only choice for them, the only product that they need to solve their problems. That is the power of the right voice. 

Your commercial has to stand out and demand attention.

You can utilize my unique vocal perspective and talents to help your projects stand out from the sea of similar sounding commercials out there.

You have to tell your brand’s story in a natural, interesting, and compelling way. 

Tweaking your commercial message

Since your business does not have the same precise message as your competition, it is important to stand out. You need a commercial voice talent that can thoughtfully craft a unique sound and feeling for each of your projects. That’s where I use my unique voice over skills to infuse the heart of your brand into your spot. I make small adjustments to the pace or tweak the tone or shape the emotions. This allows me to fine tune the precise sound of your commercial to get it exactly right for your specific audience.

My job as a commercial voice over talent is making the words on the page sound better than they did in your head when you wrote them.

I can self-direct, or we can set up remote direction via Zoom, Skype, or Phone Patch.