DC Newman

Edgy, Cool, Real Voice Over Actor

More than a catchy tagline.

Companies like Jeep sell adventure, Microsoft sells innovation, and Merrell sells inclusiveness.  And when they are looking for the perfect branding voice, they look for the edgy, cool, real voice that can connect instantly with their audience. When you work with DC Newman, that’s exactly what you get.

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Studio Gear

Sennheiser MKH-416
Apollo Solo Interface
Directed sessions via:
Source Connect

Available for

In-Show narration
Corporate narration
Long form narration

Tech Support

Windows VO support
Custom PC builds
Booth builds
Data security
Personal coaching
Script writing

Hear something you like?

I know it can seem a little overwhelming finding the right voice over actor for your projects. I mean, a Google search for “voice over” gets you about a zillion results. 

But you really do need a trustworthy voice actor so… where do you even start?

Just between you and I… You found your guy! I’m right here!

Maybe you need an edgy, cool, relatable voice for your new national commercial campaign. Or you know that your in-show narration project is way too important to just corner “Milton from accounting” in the break room and make him read the scripts into your smartphone. Seriously, working with me as your voice talent is easy and fun. So, give me a jingle and let’s discuss your project.


If you want it done right the first time, DC is your guy.


Professional Gamer

Always provides the listener with an enjoyable, seamless story.

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USA Today Bestselling Author