The most interesting guy in the room...

DC Newman

Slightly irreverent, effortlessly brilliant.

Commercial Demo

Companies don’t really sell “stuff”, they sell adventure, and innovation, and inclusiveness.  And when companies are looking for the perfect branding voice, they look for the clever, complex, confident voice that can connect instantly with their audience.

Smart companies trust their message to the most interesting guy in the room. DC Newman.

So, who is this DC guy?

DC has done it all. Painting model railroad cars, working at a funeral home, to helping to build the internet at a major tech company in the early 90’s. And those are just some highlights.

But what does that have to do with his 10 years in voice over? Everything really. You need to connect with dads, and makers, and tech folks, and all manner of people with your voice project. DC is all of those people wrapped up in one voice over actor so he naturally speaks their language and has that natural connection with your audience.

We know that a claim of “The most interesting guy in the room” is pretty bold. But when it comes to DC, it’s a bit of an understatement. You need a clever, complex, confident voice talent for your project. Seriously, working with DC as your male voice over actor is effortless and fun. So, find out what DC can do for you. Give him a jingle and let’s discuss your project.